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MSc in Computer Engineering - Mobile Computing


The aim of the MSc in Computer Engineering - Mobile Computing (MEI-CM) is to confer a professional specialization with great emphasis on mobile computing and associated technologies, allowing a series of studies to the holders of a degree in Computer Engineering, and related courses, including the possibility of expertise to professionals in the labour market.

To achieve this, a teaching method based on projects is used. The implementation of team projects promotes the planning and organization of work, the research and acquisition of the necessary knowledge as well as the development of autonomy, initiative, critical analysis and evaluation of solutions capacities.

The project based teaching takes different aspects into consideration in its relationship with its subjects. There are small scale projects developed in one subject, larger projects included in several subjects in one semester, and projects encompassing subjects belonging to both semesters. Besides the projects carried out in the different subjects throughout the course there is a draft / final internship of the course, conducted in collaboration or performed in a company whose main objective is the integration of knowledge and skills acquired by the student.

The professional specialization to provide will be built on the knowledge acquired at the 1st cycle level, developing them and deepening them, through the skills acquired in subjects at advanced level, and by developments or unique applications that result from the conduction of a business project or internship, with a duration of one year, to be held during the 3rd and 4th semester of the course. At the end it is intended that the holders of master degree in Computer Engineering - Mobile Computing awarded by IPLeiria / ESTG:

  • Know how to apply the knowledge and the ability to understand and solve problems in new and unfamiliar situations, and in broad and multidisciplinary contexts yet related to their field of study;
  • Have the ability to integrate knowledge, handle complex issues, develop solutions and make judgments in situations of limited or incomplete information, including reflections about the implications and the ethical and social responsibilities that result from those solutions and those judgments;
  • Be able to communicate the conclusions achieved and the knowledge acquired, both to specialists in the field of Mobile Computing and to experts in a clear and unambiguous way;
  • Have the skills that allow a life-long learning fundamentally in a self-oriented or independent way.