Specialised skills

  • Information System Analysis in the areas of Medical Health Records, Imaging, Bioinformatics, and Hospital Management;
  • Planning, designing and implementing Information Systems for the healthcare area;
  • Analyzing and specifying the requirements of Healthcare Information Systems;
  • Administrating an Information System, including being able to plan, develop and implement security policies;
  • Testing and auditing Healthcare Information Systems;
  • Evaluating, specifying and optimizing healthcare and medical equipment;
  • Planning, projecting, implementing and administrating computer networks;
  • Designing, implementing and administrating healthcare information databases;
  • Developing usable and accessible User Interfaces for healthcare applications;
  • Analyzing, designing and implementing Software solutions in a wide array of areas, including client/server applications, Web applications, Web services, applications for mobile devices and decision support systems, medical imaging, bioinformatics and computer-aided medicine.

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