The BSc course in Healthcare Informatics provides targeted training to support the clinical practice, enabling licensees to work as Healthcare Informatics professionals.

Upon graduation, licensees will possess expertise in the development, administration, maintenance and use of new information and communication technologies in health-related areas, including healthcare, sports and aesthetics, among others. In addition to the core technological training provided, the BSc course in Healthcare Informatics grants basic knowledge on health-related concepts, so as to enable linking the worlds of technology and healthcare.

The teaching process utilized in this course is characterized by its strong experimental component, focusing on practical aspects of healthcare informatics, but without neglecting essential theoretical concepts.

The BSc degree in Healthcare Informatics includes an integrated internship, which has proven to be a valuable aspect when it comes the time for students to find their first job; in most situations, organizations ultimately hire the interns. The high degree of employability has been a distinctive characteristic since the graduation of the first batch of healthcare informatics professionals.

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