Oracle Academy.IPLeiria

Your database playground

Children love to play. In that process they ask, interact, experiment and make mistakes. But they learn. Truly, that is why they learn.

However, to play is not necessarily easy: self and social limits are tested; hands get bruised; rules turn bitter; the best toys are shared. Yet, for those who are not faint of heart, obstacles are the best part of having fun. After all, the harshness of life is matched by its rewards.

At any age, the role of playing in effective learning is unquestionable. As so is the need for discipline and tutoring. Hoping you understand that as much as we believe in it, let us propose you the following: this Academy will provide you a playground full of Oracle technology and toys for you to play with; in return, you must compromise to respect the playground rules and users and to occasionally consider accepting this Academy’s guidance.

So go ahead, play freely with Oracle technology: ask, interact, experiment and do not be afraid of making mistakes. You will certainly learn.

The IPLeiria Oracle Academy manager,
Rui Oliveira.